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Specialized Therapy

Many of our counselors have been certified through training & education

 in specific types of therapy 

The counselor along with the specialized therapy they offer is listed below

Swim Immersion Therapy is an effective method for treating anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses.

While we swim, almost all of the senses are engaged: sight, sound, touch and smell. This can alleviate stress and encourage relaxation and creativity.

Immersing yourself in water can increase blood flow to the brain and increase the brain's oxygen supply. This improves memory, mood, concentration and cognitive function in general.

Your breathing is an integral aspect of swimming. When you’re stressed or panicked, you tend to take in shallower and more rapid breaths. This can lead to hyperventilation and possibly morph into a panic attack. However, the breathing pattern in swimming ensures that you take in enough air that can prevent the possibility of such attacks.

Also, the feeling of water moving over our body creates a massage-like sensation and also makes us more mindful of our surroundings leading to a feeling of wellness and peace.

Jocelyn has received transgender care training from WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health)

She also has practical experience through her work with this population in the Illinois Department of Corrections

Using Person Centered  & CBT techniques 

we can discuss topics such as:

•The Transitioning Process

•Identity Crisis

•Coming Out to family and friends

•  Identifying & Establishing Positive Support within your community

•Being a Minority person that Identifies with LGBTQI community

Email, Text or Call Jocelyn at 314-399-9253

For more information or to schedule an appointment

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